find out if you would survive


Enter a zombie-filled hot spot armed with realistic laser tag gear and get ready to battle for your life!  You and your team will face off head-on against bloodthirsty zombies.  Fight to stay alive and win the night in this interactive experience!

Begin your experience with


Start off your Apocalypse Experience with a totally new twist - step into the world of virtual reality to prepare yourself for what's to come!  New for the 2020 tour, this special addition to the Apocalypse World Tour is sure to add to what is already the world's most immersive, live-action tour!


The Setting

Your Gear

Military Grade Training M4

You will be equipped with real government training supplies. This equipment is built from real government examples so they look, feel, and handle like the real thing. This realism is why our nations heros use these weapons during training. Reloading your gear works exactly like the real thing. Your ticket type will dictate how many times you may reload. Before you enter the experience you will receive full training on using your equipment!


  • Full Weight of Real M4
  • 1/3 The Recoil of Real M4
  • All Metal Design
  • Cutting Edge Infrared Technology
  • Real Muzzle Flash

New - EXTREME Experience!

This iCombat product is some of the most realistic laser tag equipment in the world. This laser tag equipment is used by law enforcement for industry leading training throughout the country and modified for the most exciting game play experience.


  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • Wireless Communication
  • CO2 Live Noise and Recoil

The Zombies

Your mission is to eliminate all of the zombies that you encounter.

These zombies are highly trained actors. Professional costume and makeup teams turn these actors into Hollywood quality zombies. This makes for the most realistic zombie hunting experience ever created!

  • Hollywood Quality Costumes
  • Highly Trained Actors
  • Professional Makeup Artists
  • Real Military Training Weapons



Black Ops

Tickets starting at $29.
This ticket includes 250 rounds of ammunition and admission for 1 person into the Apocalypse Attraction. Ticket upgrades include more reloads and an equipment upgrade. All tickets are subject to onsite upgrades according to availability.

  • Oculus Rift VR Mini Experience
  • 1 of a Kind Experience
  • Admission to Apocalypse Attraction
  • 250 to 500 Rounds of Ammunition
  • Suggested Age 13 & Up

Tickets are on sale NOW! Limited availability, so buy soon to reserve prime time waves!

The Location

Dark Hour Haunted House

701 Taylor Dr
Plano, TX 75074