Privacy Policy

The Apocalypse World Tour respects the privacy of its users, and has developed this policy to communicate our commitment to your privacy. We encourage you to read this information carefully and we invite you to contact us at if you have any questions or concerns.

What personal information is collected?

When you purchase tickets from our website, you are purchasing from a third party Interactive Ticketing. We may collect other information on our social media platforns, such as Full Name, Email address, or other group demographics.  This information will not be given to any 3rd party but used within Apocalypse World Tour to help provide you with the best user experience.

What are cookies and how are they used?

Cookies are pieces of information that a website sends to your computer while you are using said website. When you visit our website, we may assign your computer one or more cookies, to facilitate your access to our website. Additionally, we (and our sponsors) may use these cookies to serve online advertisements to you through re-targeting.